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"made in Germany - BauHaus"

Dance piece by Fabian Aimar and Günther Grollitsch.


In our homes, in things of daily life, in our entire society, the Bauhaus has left lasting impressions. The school's design reform impulses continue to have an impact, even though the Bauhaus was closed by the National Socialists just 14 years after its founding. School founder Walter Gropius formulated fundamental concerns in 1924: "How will we live, how will we settle, what forms of community will we strive for?" The production "Made in Germany - Bauhaus!" searches for current answers.

101 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, the fundamental question arises as to how we deal with unfamiliar artistic and social positions today. Are they accepted, actively sought, supported? How can new ideas and impulses from art, culture and society become fruitful as an impetus for changing political systems? And what about the tension between individual freedom and collective creative processes? How, in concrete terms, can the dancing body fit into a form without losing its individuality? 

Even today, the Bauhaus stands for a clearly society-changing claim. It used its great creative potential not only for social housing projects, but also for the dissemination of a basic democratic understanding - in which women were admittedly only included to a limited extent. "Made in Germany - Bauhaus!" translates these findings into strong choreographic images. The radical break with the conventions of ballet becomes just as visible as the fascination with completely new, geometricized forms of movement. 


forms of movement. Clamped in trapezoids and triangles, the bodies of the dancers become experimental objects - prototypes of a modernity that strives for a new self-image in a mixture of minimalism and personal emancipation.  

It is always about the search for an essence: of movements, of attitude, of world view. Günther Grollitsch choreographs the approach to this claim together with the seven-member ensemble, based on the original idea, concept and dramaturgy by Fabian Aimar. 


This piece was performed only once and only for four performances by the following production team:

Idea/ Concept/ Dramaturgy: Fabian Aimar | Project Management/ Choreography: Günther Grollitsch | Dance: Neele Buchholz, Jenny Ecke, Magali Sander Fett, Adriana Könemann, Oskar Spatz, Adrian Wenzel, Sergey Zhukov | Production Support: Tim Gerhards, Corinna Mindt | Costume: Silke Schumacher-Lange I Light/ Technique: Carlos Heydt | Production: steptext dance project in cooperation with tanzbar_bremen

Sponsored by Aktion Mensch. With the kind support of the Waldemar Koch Stiftung and the Stiftung Sparda Bank Hannover.

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