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Sakura Inoue

She is a Japanese-born dancer, who has studied at Coastal City Ballet, Canada, Goh Ballet Academy, Canada & Sugihara Kazuko Ballet Art, Japan.

Her professional experience has been developed with her participation in different productions, among which the following stand out:

2016 - Canada’s Ballet Jorgen, solist
2017 - PReP, Arts Umbrella chor. Lesley Telford and Heather Myers
2018 - Oper Leipzig, Die Musikalische Komödie • Alice in Wonderland (soloist)- Nephrite, chor. Taka and Aika Tsuchida• OFAC project Mildred, premiere 5.10.18, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin• Honey, There is No Arrow, chor. Ali Heffetz premiere 15.6.18
2019 - Tivoli Ballet, Copenhagen chor. Peter Bo Bendixen• Tableaus in Motion, chor. Kristian Lever, premiere 25.6.18• The Snowqueen (Principal role of Gerda) chor. Yuri Possoskov.. premiere 1.12.19 Deutsche Oper Berlin,• Onegin (semi-soloist role) premiere 7.3.19
2020 - ChoreoLab Ulm, chor. Pablo Sansalvador, Pablo Girolami, Axel Loubette, Aina Lanas• 249 Choreographic failures, premiere 21.8.20, Roxy, Ulm
2021 - Gala performance, Monaco, chor. Wang Ramirez, premiere 23.9.21- Think Big, Festival Tanztheater International (Staatsoper Hannover)chor. Eduardo Vallejo Pinto, Gizem Aksu, Anibal dos Santos. premiere 6.8.21 - Dance Theatre Luxembourg, chor. Jean-Guillaume Weis• Sehnsucht, premiere 19.3.21, Theatre National du Luxembourg
2022 - Theater Plauen Zwickau, guest dancer- Deutsche Oper Berlin, Antikrist, dir. Ersan Mondtag, premiere 30.1.22

2022 - "5 Minuten Heimat" Dance Theater a production by ProdÀrt e.V. in Bremen, Germany.





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