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Tender Gender



Fabián Aimar 


Günther Grollitsch

Valeria Martis

Daniel Wendler

Doris Geist

Sergei Zhukov

Wo: "IRGENDWO" - Amelie-Beese-Straße 8, 28199 Bremen

Wann: 19.08.2023

16.00 Uhr Runder Tische

17.00 Uhr Performance

anschließend Party


Tender Gender

A celebration of sexual identi- and diversity on Aug. 19, 2023, at the Kulturzentrum Irgendwo

A project in cooperation with Kulturbeutel e.V.

Tender Gender is a choreographic collage, which assembles a puzzle on stage.
Our arrival in the world and the beginning of our existence. The first bonds, the first programming, our subsistence and our resistance, our searches, the imposed and the intimate ones, up to the most characteristic expressions of our actuality, the apparent, the socially accepted, the required, what the environment imposes and a society that assigns roles... even those that are predetermined by their genitalia.
Tender Gender is a story that invites to recognize other people, not only as someone individual and diverse, but also as someone subject of rights, and with the same rights enshrined in the General Assembly of the United Nations, as a common ideal for all peoples and nations.
We are in a totally convulsed year 2023, where many advances in human rights are once again in danger. This is not a threat, it is a reality.
In a world hit by a pandemic that struck our economies and societies, and followed by a war that has once again shaken this very deteriorated global economy, which is also unjust and produces an increasingly less equitable and unequal distribution. All this generating more and more social discontent... promoting the breeding ground for hate speeches and thus loss of rights. The result: more intolerance and social violence.

Tender Gender does not address the queer theme from the wardrobe. We don't like to fall into clichés, which would be very easy. We didn't want to fall into that common denominator where a male dancer dresses in a dress or other feminine garments.
For us, the costumes or clothes do not tell us about an individual or define him or her, in any case they complement him or her. That is why we have approached the subject of wanting from desire, from our own nature and self-perception, and of course also our own choices, which we show with the same naturalness as when it comes to heterosexual patterns.
We are part of a new culture. A culture of volatile trends, of containers and voids, the momentary and the superfluous, where there is a broken bridge, which we lack, to unite the corporeal with that soul hungry to express itself and to be known or recognized... to give us a real content.
From the characters we can feel their warmth, their need for empathy and also their loneliness and suffering.
Through the choreographic approach, these people are encouraged to show themselves and allow themselves to be themselves, and become visible to empower themselves, because if we make ourselves visible, society will see us as we really are. And it is only in this way that we will be able to create a fairer and more egalitarian society.
Being proud of oneself and one's own nature is the message of this project, which results in a great celebration of diversity. The project invites everyone to participate and contribute as a natural part of a colorful society and, above all, to celebrate together.

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