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Martín Piliponsky Braier


He is an architect, dancer and teacher in dance and improvisation.
and improvisation. His beginnings started
with Jewish Folkloric Dance and sports.
He has trained independently between USA, Europe and Argentina; with teachers such as Kirstie Simson, David Zambrano, Gustavo Lesgart, Lisa Nelson, Katie Duck, Mark Tompkins, Benoit Lachambre, Thomas Hauert, Angels Margarit, Marina Giancaspro, among others.
Since 2004 and until 2012 she lives in Barcelona, Spain, where she works as an Architect and Urban Planner and at the same time teaches dance classes. Since 2012 he is based in Buenos Aires and his activity is focused on teaching and practicing improvisation. She has toured South, Central and North America, most of Europe, Africa and Asia, teaching improvisation and dancing in various festivals and international stages. He has received the TANZ ATELIER Scholarship (2009) and the DANCEWEB Scholarship Program IMPULSTANZ (2010), Vienna, Austria. In 2010 he was invited by David Zambrano to be part of the project 50 days of flying low and Passing through in Costa Rica. He is certified by the creator of the techniques to teach FLYING LOW and PASSING TROUGHT.
Since 2010 he collaborates artistically with the American dancer Elia Mrak ( with whom he presented "lossamurais" and the work "a talk with myself" in USA, Mexico, Argentina and Peru. In November 2013 she created the work "OneLoveSong" and performed at the CCC theater in Buenos Aires the duet "A talk with myself" created together with Mrak. In 2019 they created together The VOID - El VACIO, for the Ballet contemporáneo de la Provincia de Tucumán and re-released A talk with myself at the San Martin theater in Tucumán and in the cycle bailemos en el HALL del teatro general San Martin in Buenos Aires. For October 2020 they will perform an artistic residency in Gussago, Palazzo Capriolli in Brescia, Italy.
It has received the supports of the metropolitan fund of the arts and sciences (2013, 2015 and 2017), the grant of IBERESCENA (2014) and PRODANZA (2016) for the realization of independent projects.
I create the works SOLOparaNOSOTROS (2010-2018) , OneLoveSong (2014), CLASICA (2015), AFECTO (2016), SUTIL (2018), The VOID (2019), The feeling of the Atmosphere (Hong Kong, China) and From Togetherness (Calcutta, India). As a performer she made HUMO, a short work created by choreographer Gustavo Lesgart with whom she shared the stage as part of the festival of short works TEATRO BOMBON.
Since 2015 and currently she collaborates artistically with the English dancer and teacher Kirstie Simson ( with whom she shares teaching and stage practice. During 2016 they worked in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador and in 2017 focused on South America, in 2018 they created an international platform in Merida
- Mexico and a tour through Croatia and Germany. In July 2019 they held classes and performances in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
She currently performs the task of permanent teaching in Buenos Aires, at the UNA, at the San Martin workshop and in various private schools. She is writing and researching about her experience in artistic practices, she is pursuing a doctorate in arts with the aim of a publication at the UNA. She continues with her own development in the habilitation of improvisation practices, giving intensive and regular workshops in different cities of South, Central and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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