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Jóse Galán

In 1998 he obtained his degree in Spanish Dance at the Seville CPD. In that same year he began to perform with Mario Maya, Salvador Távora, Aída Gómez, Javier Latorre, Sara Baras and Antonio Canales. In 2004 he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Pedagogy from the University of Seville and in parallel, he began to teach at Mobile Dance where he learned first about integrated dance. He accomplished a Master in Social Education and Sociocultural Animation; studies and practices that guide an artistic career towards a more social perspective. In Madrid, he obtained a higher degree in dance pedagogy from the CSD María de Ávila. He wrote his doctoral thesis “El Flamenco Inclusivo; An Incarnate Truth ”, after completing the PhD program in Advanced Flamenco Studies: an interdisciplinary analysis by the University of Seville. After an extensive professional career in various dance, theater, film and television companies he created his own company, his philosophy coinciding with the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Flamenco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity (Nairobi, 2010).

In 2010 he founded the “Compañía José Galán de Flamenco Inclusivo” pioneer and innovative in the creation of accessible (inclusive) flamenco. Precursor of inclusive flamenco and considered the greatest expert on the integration of disability in flamenco.

In 2010 he premiered his first show "Cierra los Ojos y Mírame", directed by Juanjo Macías.

In 2011 he mounted two short choreographic pieces: "Sin neglected" with Isabel Palomeque. And "Minotauro" that arises after Morarte's film about the bullfighting of Morante de la Puebla. Both pieces were awarded as video dance at the Cocoa Festival in Argentina. In 2012 he premiered "En Mis Cabales", directed by Juan Carlos Lérida. In 2013 he premiered "With Different Capacity" at the International Meeting of Choreography and Dance of Jerez. He also premiered "Socularna" at the 1st Flamenco Show organized by the IAF.

In 2014 he worked in "El Duende de los Sentidos", a children's show directed by Susi González. In 2015 he premiered "I dance, then I exist". Selected by the US Embassy for the IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program on Advancing Inclusion within the Arts).

In 2016 he premiered “El Aprendiz”, directed by Belén Candil and starring Helliot Baeza. In 2017 he joined the program "Yo soy del Sur del Canal Sur" as a dancer.

In 2018 he constituted the Inclusive Flamenco Association. SRCP and premiered "Real Dreams of Possible Bodies" together with Lola López. It is considered the 1st inclusive flamenco show.

In 2019 he gave workshops / show in Mexico during the International Festival of Contemporary Iberian Dance.

In 2020 he is on tour with the latest children's show "Aflaméncate" with actor Fali Cruz and singer Inma la Carbonera.



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