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                                      Diene Abdoulaye 

Her first contact with theater was in elementary school, but it was in high school that she really got into it, with performances of famous dramas and comedies. 
He also produced music with his brother who is a rhythm maker and they sang together producing a complete album before his arrival in Germany. 
Already once here in Bremen she wrote for the first time the theater section of the magazine "Bremer". 

She participated here in Germany in the production of "Physicists" a Bremen University show in 2018, taking on two female roles in the skin of the missionary Rose, and the head nurse. Such performances by Diene as the lead actor received an excellent review in the Weserkurier newspaper. 
She has developed and directed advertising campaigns for plays.
He also developed and directed the publicity campaign for that and other plays. 
His next challenge in the same year was to stage and perform Jean Racine's "Esther" in French. 
For the next few years, I only did posters for plays such as "Witch Hunt". Then came the 2020 training, and since then I have had no contact with theater. 
Currently he is still in his final stage of his training as a surgical assistant technician and together with ProdArt he is involved in some inclusive projects like "5 Minuten Heimat" and others in planning. 



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