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Fabián Aimar


is an actor, director and playwrighter, who was born in Santa Fe, Argentina. He began acting in his youth under the direction of Sergio Cangiano at the Teatro Arenas. From 1986 on he devoted himself entirely to the art of acting. In 1988, together with other artists, he founded the theater company CreArte in South America, whose productions include several awards, such as the prestigious "Estrella de Mar" (Argentina). He is a member of the General Society of Authors of Argentina, where he published his own works. Aimar produced the original Cuban theatrical version of "Fresas y Chocolate" in collaboration with UNEAC - Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba. In addition he organized repeatedly tours with the Fouette Ballet Moscow and numerous tours with prominent figures from the international scene such as Julio Bocca Teatro Colón Arg.), Maximiliano Guerra, Iñaki Urlezaga (Royal Ballet London). Aimar is the author of the world's first adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince" as a musical comedy. Aimar worked as a television producer for "Inversiones Anellis" - Canal Azul Tenerife (Canary Island) where he had a very successful on-air magazine for three years and also worked as an editor for the magazine "Temas".

Already based in Germany, he wrote a series of plays, several of which have already been performed on the local scene.

He began his work as a producer and director in mixed dance theater in 2017 with tanzbar_bremen and was bringing his extensive knowledge about theater to the members of the company. By attending the 2018 / 2020 eigenARTig International Mixed Dance Festival, he contributed his rapid network throughout the art scene and forged a unique and notorious edition of this event.


„La Nona“  by Roberto Cossa - actor - 1982

„Presunción de Inocencia“ by Fabián Aimar - actor, dramaturgy, director  1983

„Y la banda siguió tocando“ - actor - 1985

„Love Letters“  by Albert Ramsdell Gurney - actor 1986

„El Circo somos nosotros“ - musical comedy by Martín Gil - actor, director -   1987/1989 (Premio Estrella de Mar 1989)

„Chau Señor Miedo“ - musical comedy by María Inés Falconi - actor, director . 1991 (Premio Carlos 1991)

„Tornillos Flojos“ -  musical comedy by María Inés Falconi - actor, director 1992 (Premio Carlos 1992) (Premio Especial de la ONU por la Defensa de los Derechos de los Niños 1992)

„A ver que veo“ - musical comedy by Manuel González Gil - actor, director 1993

„Mentiras de Grandes“ - musical comedy by María Inés Falconi - director, actor 1994 - (Premio Máscara 1994)

„Caídos del Mapa“ - theatre play by María Inés Falconi - director 1995

„Trotamundos, la leyenda" - concept, guion and director 1995

„El Principito“ - musical comedy for children by Antoine de Exupéry first worldwide adoption by Fabián Aimar - director, dramaturgy, music - 1996 - (Premio Máscaras 1996)

„La Hija del Capitán Aníbal“ by Alejandro Robino - director, actor 1996

„Psicomujeres“ by Fabián Aimar - concept, guion and director 1997

„Der Eintänzer“ - dancetheatre by Günther Grollitsch and Fabián Aimar - director 2018

„Buntgemischt“ - Kaffe Konzert - concept and Guión by Fabián Aimar - 2018

„Made in Deutschland“ Bauhaus - Idee,concept and dramaturgy by Fabián Aimar - 2020

"5 Minuten Heimat" - Author, playwright and director - 2021

"Es ist was es ist" - Artistic director of the project in cooperation with integration durch kunst e.v

"Tender Gender" - Concept and direction - 2022

"Fünf alte Damen trinken Tee" - Author, playwright and director - 2022



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