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5 Minuten Heimat


15.09 and 16.09.2023 
20.00 h.

"Zentrum für Kunst im Tabakquartier"

Hermann-Ritter-Straße 108 E, 28197 Bremen

Tickets: pay as much as you can.


Kossi Sebastien Aholou-Wokawui - Togo

Marion Amschwand -  Schweiz

Diene Abdoulaye - Senegal

Doris Geist - Deutschland

Amelie Gerdes - Deutschland

Hanna Markutzik - Deutschland

Valeria Martis - Chile

Daniel Wendler - Argentinien

Sergey Zhukov- Kasachstan

5 Minuten Heimat_Foto©Marianne Menke_2895_klint.jpg
5 Minuten Heimat_Foto©Marianne Menke_2854a_klint.jpg

Fotos:Marianne Menken



Fabián Aimar - Argentinien

Günther Grollitsch - Österreich


Beno Novak -  Slovenien

Diene Abdoulaye - Senegal, Afrika

Sakura Inoue - Japan

Sergey Zhukov- Kasachstan

Estefan Vega León - Kolumbien

Doris Geist - Deutschland

Caline Weber - Deutschland

Ulrike Knospe - Deutschland


Being born is the first exile. For life on earth is an eternal diaspora..

People are on the move. Every day, in every generation. Across inner and external boundaries, they strive to change the reality of their lives. To do so they are looking for new spheres of action and leave their "safe harbor" - their home.

Our birth is the first and most formative migration of our existence. The life lottery determines in which reality we come into this world.

Migration here is not only the result of geopolitical problems of our time but is intensively concerned with the personal triggers and spiritual hardships of people in different life situations.

In what feels like "5 minutes", the themes are explored in a choreographic

performance, which has its premiere at the Hafenmuseum Bremen - Speicher XI in Bremen's in Bremen's Überseestadt district. The artistic team consists of migrants with and without disabilities. They have left their geographical home or have moved out of their family home. They have emigrated or fled. From the politics in their own country, from cultural or social from cultural or social limitations, from their neighborhoods or families, from misunderstanding or perhaps from themselves and their own imprint.

ProdArt e.V. was founded in 2021 due to the mutual interest of the artists in their creative approaches.

In their creative approaches to work. ProdArt artists understand diversity as a guiding principle for social and individual action. Diversity does not demand the adaptation of the individual, but promotes the opening of society - and thus a basic attitude that recognizes each person as valuable because of their individual characteristics and abilities.

With its work, the association wants to work towards the creation of favorable conditions for living, learning and working together, focusing on the equal participation of people with mental, physical, psychological and sensory impairments and/or chronic illnesses as well as different cultural origins and sexual orientations in social-cultural and artistic life.


Direction, concept and dramaturgy: Fabian Aimar | Performance: Diene Abdoulaye, Doris Geist, Sakura Inoue, Ulrike Knospe, Estefan Vega Leon, Beno Novak, Caline Weber, Sergey Zhukov | Choreographic accompaniment und Manager: Günther Grollitsch | Production: ProdArt e.V. | Supported by Landesverband TanzSzene Bremen.

Funded by: Senator für Kultur Bremen, Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Support Program Dance.

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