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ProdArt is an association of contemporary dance and theater professionals, actors in media and digital performance art as well as interested people, whose aim is to bring professional artists together internationally and to establish their relationship to the work of and with people with special challenges (in regard to diversity, different abilities, cultural origins, special living conditions, impairments, etc.) and to use this research to accept, develop, transform and incorporate the resulting artistic flow into an active production process.

For us, diversity is the great creative opportunity of our time and our commitment is to strengthen it. We look for, research and contrast different cultural and socio-political approaches so that the resulting work not only represents the aesthetic use on the stage, but also promotes the necessary social and socio-political implementations, so that INCLUSION does not just remain a need or desire, but can be lived.


The association sees diversity as a model for social and individual action. Diversity does not require the adaptation of the individual, but promotes the opening of society - and thus a basic attitude that recognizes every person as valuable based on their individual characteristics and abilities.


With its work, the ProdArt association aims to create favorable framework conditions for living, learning and working together and focuses on the equal participation of people with mental, physical, psychological and sensory impairments and / or chronic diseases as well as different cultural origins and sexual orientation in social, cultural and artistic life. The work of the association is thus in accordance with the UN Disability Rights Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights.


ProdArt aims to develop and share effective methods that facilitate and improve access to art for people with disabilities and in special living conditions. Our goal is to support artists by developing cultural projects and strategies that offer the respective sector the possibility of effective inclusion. Another area of ​​responsibility is to strengthen talent development through constant training in order to promote these goals and to open up the possibilities for a strong network of international laboratories. Artists, workshops, symposiums, courses and permanent training. Our mission is to research and exchange best practices for access to art and to make the work of affected artists visible.


At ProdArt, we have chosen to focus on professional quality, with artwork culminating in a masterful, creative process and designed for an international audience, with a new, innovative and exponentially integrative approach. We are developing a multidisciplinary team with experts from all artistic fields, writers and playwrights as well as experts on questions of accessibility and disabled artists in special situations with an international reach. The goal of this type of work is always to share the learning, spread it, and build solid bridges to keep growing.

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